mayo 22, 2022

El Zota Estación Biológica

Somos una estación biológica localizada en Costa Rica, contamos con senderos de longitud de hasta 50 kilómetros para avistamiento de aves, anfibios y mamíferos, tour en bote, hospedaje y actividades de MTB.

El Zota Biological Field Station

El Zota is a biological field station located in the northeastern region of Costa Rica, containing about 2,400 acres of tropical rain forest with an incredible biodiversity. Our visitors will have the chance to learn about our unique flora and fauna. The station is among the largest of its kind in Costa Rica, and is home to the most diverse array of native wildlife to be found on any station of its kind in the country. The station is designed to allow students to learn techniques that can be used in field research on ecological, behavioral and conservation questions in the tropics, and in so doing, to conserve the property of the research station.

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