noviembre 27, 2021

El Zota Estación Biológica

Somos una estación biológica localizada en Costa Rica, contamos con senderos de longitud de hasta 50 kilómetros para avistamiento de aves, anfibios y mamíferos, tour en bote, hospedaje y actividades de MTB.

The Station

An ecological treasure.

El Zota offers over 2,000 acres of land, 70% of which is primary growth forest. Centered between Barra del Colorado Wildlife Refuge and Tortuguero National Park, the land holds high conservation value due to the critical habitat it provides for wildlife.


Comfortable individual and shared cabins for our visitors, whether is with your familiy, friends or a group of students.

Dining Room

A spacious room for gathering groups.

Hiking trails

Marked and maintained jungle dense trails, for easy access. Also we are adding informative billboards on our trails for deep understanding of the forest. The sum of our trails make 50 km, including a big part of primary forest.


We include guides as an optional servicie here in the station.


Classroom and laboratory space is available (including a great number of books of biological information)–perfect for student groups.

Flora and fauna

Everyday we get growing numbers that are our current best estimate of what we have here at El Zota, and are based on the surveys conducted by visiting researchers and students. We know there’s more out there and are always eager to learn more about our forests!

Common animals you can find at the station include: spider, capuchin, and howler monkeys, tapirs, Great Green Macaws, alligators, snakes, frogs, and much more. Our many walkable trails allow visitors to experience the tropical environment with its incredible biodiversity, and hopefully learn firsthand the importance of preserving this natural habitat.

We’re always looking to have new researchers! Please reach out to us to begin planning your visit.

If you want to know more, watch all the episodes of Planeta Zota:

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