mayo 22, 2022

El Zota Estación Biológica

Somos una estación biológica localizada en Costa Rica, contamos con senderos de longitud de hasta 50 kilómetros para avistamiento de aves, anfibios y mamíferos, tour en bote, hospedaje y actividades de MTB.




Create awareness in the surrounding towns about the importance of preserving the natural resources. Also, help and teach schools to participate in forestry and ecological projects with the collaboration of national and international universities.




Be a private station with the biggest protection area of natural and regenerate habitats in the Caribbean.


Objectives and Justification


  • Increase the primary forest area and join it with other fields of the same kind arround the station. Also purchase fields for reforestation.


Because of the ecological richness and its importance as one part of the last areas of primary forest in Central America. Also this area supports the migration of species and avoids the decline of genetic variety inside populations that sometimes are affected by isolation in smaller protection areas.



  • El Zota station expects to play an important role in the biological corridor project that is taking place along the Carribean side.


  • Investigate different fauna species through thorough studies.


Because at El Zota we have many species of trees and plants like bejucos (lianas, reeds) and herbs, which there is not enough information about regarding, their characteristics or their possible uses as food or medicine.

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