El Zota property was bought in 1986 with the purpose of obeying a required forest law at that time. The law demanded that each owner of a wood industry should own a certain number of hectares to satisfy its needs of raw material.

In the year 2000, with the help of an employ “Pedro Bolanos”, we contacted professors Thomas La Duke and Jill D. Pruetz; they were the promoters of El Zota project. Their help and effort made possible the transformation of the farm into a biodiversity refugee. In all of these years it has been very difficult to maintain preservation of the land, because the high deforestation in the surrounding farms.

Many institutions have helped us to achieve and maintain our objectives. Among this institutions are MINAET and Neotropica Foundation.

Another obstacle that has been difficult is the economic issue; nevertheless occasionally we’ve the government financial support with the payment of environmental services. We have also had the unconditional help of Corporacion Tara CR, S.A. Company, which has made the biggest investment. All the companies that buy Corporacion Tara products help us unknowing their contribution to

El Zota; for example; EARTH University, Productos Deportivos, Mundimar, S.A, Chiquita Brand and Demasa.

The most important aspect which makes us feel very proud is that El Zota is a family achievement that has involved a lot of sacrifices to continue with this Project.



Estacion Bilogica el Zota, Cariari, Guapiles, Costa Rica (13)


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